Sea to Sky Community Services is a non-profit serving the Sea to Sky Corridor, offering services ranging from employment programs and healthy pregnancy outreach to housing and counselling. 
They required a refreshed identity to help serve the community better. The process included extensive research, focus groups, community feedback, and several rounds of concepts that were aimed at helping improve accessibility and inclusibity. The board of directors were interested in having a logo that not only demonstrated caring, compassion, community and care, but also referenced the natural landscape of the corridor. 
Three main concepts were presented, and the final decision will be made under the newly appointed Executive Director. 
Concept 1 (showing two colour ways) uses a friendly typeface paired with a heart for the 'i'. This simple approach using the heart as a universal symbol of love and caring appeals to a demographic whose English is not their first language. Depending on the service provided, the heart would be replaced with an appropriate icon from each department and would be applied across the website. 
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